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The Jerusalem Post

Jerusalem, Israel

"As Apollo, Oded Reich’s forcefully resonating, nuance-rich bass and captivating stage personality, finally mellowing to a moving lament when realizing, too late, that his aggressiveness has cost him the object of his desires, was thoroughly convincing."


Akko, Israel

"Oded Reich is an excellent casting as the cunning Count Almaviva, with a perfect balance between a great dramatic work and an excellent singing ability."


Tel Aviv, Israel

"Another relatively young and excellent singer is the baritone Oded Reich, who has a fine and convincing deep voice. He also demonstrated a talent for playing the role of Tcharchess, the deceptive husband of Shprachzi."

TheMarker Cafe

Tel Aviv, Israel

"Oded Reich is a superb Tcharchess and oozes an operatic intesity."


Tel Aviv, Israel

"Oded Reich is wonderful, masculine and completely sexy (maybe a little beyond what Levin had envisioned)..."


Paris, France

"Really an excellent Baritone, moreover, a good actor, who​ can adapt to almost any role in​ the reper​toire"


Akko, Israel

"Don Giovanni is sung by Oded Reich, superb, full voice, whose authority and projection mark the hierarchical status."

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